Our Office

Our Office

Office Policy & Procedures


Office Hours

Are by appointment from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, Wednesday tip 6:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday mornings are reserved for seeing sick children only.

After Hours & Weekends

 A physician member of our office staff is always on call. Please use this coverage for urgent problems or situations which you feel cannot wait until morning.


 In the event of an emergency, if at all possible, call the office first stating this is an emergency. The physician on call will be best able to advise you how to handle the situation. Too often, emergency rooms are over-utilized with visits that may not be necessary. In the event of bona fide emergencies such as cuts, fractures, convulsions, respiratory distress, the emergency departments at the Albany medical center and St. Peter's are readily accessible.


Well child visits and sick visits are by appointment only. Please arrange for appointments as soon as you can. Camp physicals and school-mandated physicals are examples of appointments that should be made several months in advance. We endeavor to see all the sick children that need to be seen when a parent calls. At times there are extraordinary outbreaks of illnesses such as flu epidemics which play havoc with our scheduling, but we try to keep your waiting time to a minimum.


Payment or co-payment is expected at the time of visit.



We participate in several pre-paid insurance plans such as APA PARTNERS, BLUE SHIELD NENY, CDPHP, EMPIRE BLUE CROSS, GHI HMO, METROPOLITAN EMPIRE PLAN, TRICARE, SHARED HEALTH NETWORK, AND UNITED HEALTHCARE. Other insurance plans are contracts between you and your carrier.


Check in

Upon arrival in the office, please register with the receptionist. It is helpful to give the receptionists the parent’s last name if different from the child’s. If this is your first visit you will be asked to fill out a form requesting basic information. Please keep information up-to-date in case of change.


Phone Calls

Phone calls to the office are answered by our nursing staff and business staff throughout the day. Sick appointments will be scheduled that day for children who need to be evaluated in person. Other questions will be answered in a timely manner by the nurses, or the doctors as their schedules allow. Please reserve calls on the emergency line for true emergencies.



We ask that those persons with caller ID please disable it when requesting a return phone call, both during office hours and in the evenings. It creates a problem for our staff and may result in the delay of a returned phone call.t